Sunday, 4 June 2017

I can make links across texts by recognising connectives or adverbial clauses

I can make links across texts by recognising connectives or adverbial clauses

In this unit learnt what a connective is and an adverbial clause

A connective is a sentence linker

An adverbial clause is a comma after the time it happens

Here is a link to a compare and contrast map of an adverbial clause and a connective

link to work

Friday, 5 May 2017


This story is about a girl how had a MASSIVE ingery that change her life she is twelve years old and she goes to scouts and her name is Raina and one day she was racing her friends home and she tripped it was massive if you want to find out what the massive injery was then check out smile

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Term 1 Novel Study

Term 1 Novel Study

This term I have been reading and studying the novel …

I found this novel interesting because I have never read anything like this before.

During the novel I had to complete two major assessment tasks. The first is an Explain Map which shows the consequences of a major event in the book. The second was a Describe++ Map (Inference map) which shows I how I have connected prior knowledge and other experiences to what I have been reading to make an inference.
  • Link to Explain Map link
  • Link to Inference Map link

National Standard this covers

  • Year 7/8  Standard
    • using several pieces of information to make inferences
    • using their prior knowledge, along with information in the text, to interpret abstract ideas, complex plots, and sophisticated themes
    • I can use a range of strategies, such as inferring, to work out more complex words.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Games with minimal or no equipment.

Games with minimal or no equipment.

In PE we have been participating in a variety of games that require little or no equipment.
Below is the Matrix which shows our progression in this unit of learning.

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 12.32.06 PM.png

The table below shows my understanding of games with minimal or no equipment.
(Fill this table in, in as much detail as possible. )

Examples of Games that need minimal or no equipment.
What equipment would we usually need to play these games.  
Why do we play games with minimal or no equipment?
hunger games
conesso we can used are amagernacon 

My Strengths.  
Some things that I have done well during this unit of learning are……lerning new games……..because……i only knew a lite bit of the games with out epuintment…..

My Next Steps.
Some things I could improve on when playing games with minimal or no equipment are……beter at the rolls.   becouse didnt lison ……………